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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Twitter is a great resource for finding Lync experts and information, so we've put together a handy list of some of the best Lync resources in the Twitterverse.
If you've ever needed to quickly create diagrams of your Active Directory structure and wanted to automate the process, this article will help. In this post, IT veteran Michael Simmons shows you a utility that is going to do it.
Free Hyper-V Backup for 2 VMs - Expires July 31st
Petri IT Knowledgebase Solution Spotlight:
Award-winning Exchange and mobile device system management tool that provides monitoring and reporting in a single solution. Easy to deploy and great for giving management usage reports. Monitor your environment with a glance at our sleek dashboard that alerts you to a problem and points toward the solution.

Monitoring Highlights: Disk space, database, mail flow, OWA, CCR/DAG, & mobile devices.

Reporting Highlights: 200+ built-in reports, mailbox size, quota, perms, DLs, OWA usage, public folders, & mobile devices.

See for yourself with our Mailscape Test Drive Simulator. No software installation required. Product demo and free fully-functional trial also available.

Download Test Drive Simulator and Free Trial!
Learn how to grant DNSAdmins the right to view DNS event log entries remotely on Windows Server 2008 R2. Using a lab environment, we show you the steps to take when granting these rights, and what to do when an error occurs.
If you've ever run commands from a command prompt and run into problems, Microsoft MVP Jeff Hicks has a solution for you. In this tutorial Jeff shows how to use a command line utility called where.exe. In part 2 of this series, Jeff will show you another command line alternative to help you find the files you’re looking for.
The US government has many concerns about using public cloud computing service providers. In this article, IT veteran and award-winning author Mike Danseglio critically examines the Availability Technologies recommendations, and shows how to define the value of service availability to your business.
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