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Monday, March 26, 2012

IRS Audit Rate Nears 30% for Those Making $10 Million and Up

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IRS Audit Rate Nears 30% for Those Making $10 Million and Up
(Bloomberg) - The Internal Revenue Service in 2011 audited 29.93 percent of taxpayers who reported more than $10 million of income, according to statistics...That’s up from an audit rate of 18.38 percent in 2010 and 10.60 percent in 2009 for a group that consists of 0.01 percent of taxpayers. 
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Recognizing the Value of Management Accounting
(The CPA Journal) - Management accountants are an important part of the accountants' value chain. They're involved in some of the more forward looking, value creating activities... 
Bernanke Says US Job Market Weak Despite Gains
(US News and World Report) - Chairman Ben Bernanke says the U.S. job market remains weak despite three months of strong hiring and that the Federal Reserve's existing policies will help boost growth. 
Failure to Act on AMT, Extenders Could Delay 2013 Filing Season
(BNA) - “We are very concerned about the AMT and extenders,” Shulman said at a hearing of the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee on the current filing season and IRS's fiscal year 2013 budget request. “If they are not dealt with, we may have to delay the start of the filing season for many millions of taxpayers.” 
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Einstein Joke – Very Funny

Unbelievable Human Feats – Great Video

Being With Your Mother – Emotional Story

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 09:30 PM PDT

Husband or Wife – Who is Right?

Only in Egypt!!

How did the Stranger get Inside??

True & Funny Quotations

Posted: 23 Mar 2012 09:30 PM PDT

Thought Provoking Moral Story

Posted: 24 Mar 2012 09:30 PM PDT

Saturday, March 17, 2012

White-space Wireless Grows, and more...

Putting Wireless to the Test
Putting Wireless to the TestOnce again, the wireless communications market is driving growth in other sectors. This time it's the wireless test equipment market, which generated $3.1 billion in revenue last year and is expected to exceed $5.8 billion in 2017. These test and measurement tools include signal generators, spectrum and network analyzers, and telecom/datacom test equipment. And, as 3G use is on the rise, there is growing need for 3G-compatible test equipment as well as service and experience analysis tools for testing mobile data usage.
Solar Power for Remote Equipment

SunWize Technologies, Inc.
Get a Complimentary Trial of the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library
IEEE — Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Solar Power for Remote EquipmentField-proven SunWize solar electric systems put power where you need it for outdoor applications including radios, LAN, WAN, and broadband networks. SunWize systemsoperate equipment where utility power is not available. Systems designed for your project's requirements providing 24/7 reliability. Easy installation, low maintenance costs.
Get a Complimenary Trial of the IEEE Xplore® Digital LibraryThe IEEE Xplore Digital Libraryprovides instant, full-text access to all IEEE journal articles, conference papers, and standards — all the cutting-edge research in all aspects of technology. Get a complimentary trial for your company.
MPS Announces Harsh Enviornment Ultra Wideband Fiber Link for Airborne Applications
Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.
Precision End-to-End Pins For Wireless Industry
Bead Electronics
MPS Announces Harsh Enviornment Ultra Wideband Fiber Link for Airborne ApplicationsMPS is pleased to announce theproduction roll-out of the second generation Harsh Environment (HE2)design package. Fully MIL-810 qualified, the HE2 design is particularly relevant in airborne applications such as Aerostats, UAV's, and any Tower/Mast mounted applications subject to extreme operational temperatures (-40 C to +85 C).
Precision End-to-End Pins For Wireless IndustryBead's continuous reeled or end-to-end pins have precision tips for lower insertion force and more dependable connections. Consistent length and a smooth transition between the pin tip and body assure accurate cut-off and cleaner insertion. IC Interconnect Components.
Industrial RF Systems . . .
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Multi-function Reader
Multi-function ReaderThis new handheld RFID reader/mobile computer uses encryption and authentication functions to read/write tag IDs and data blocks and to protect data. Tag orientation does not affect read capability as the antenna can read tags in any direction — tags that can easily shift during transport and handling operations. The company claims the device is well suited to tracking assets in industrial as well as healthcare settings.
Putting Metal to Good Use
Putting Metal to Good UseA new RFID tag developed by North Dakota State University has figured out a way to alleviate the fact that metal objects interfere with RFID tag antenna readings. The new tag uses the metal object as the antenna. A material in the tag's construction is electrically permeable, allowing RF energy to pass through in either direction.
Aerospace & Aviation . . .
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Smartphone Goes to Battle
Smartphone Goes to BattleA recent military test proved that smartphones have a place on the battlefield. The demo involved data sharing on asimulated battlefield by using smartphones to send video, voice, and text data from a boat to a ground location. A helicopter was used to hold a 4G cell base station in the sky to facilitate the communication.
Remote-controlled Pilot Brains
Remote-controlled Pilot BrainsAdvanced sensors inside fighter pilots' helmets will let military commanders know if a pilot is in control of his aircraft and even allow them to take over the plane if the pilot is unresponsive. The miniaturized electroencephalographic (EEG) brain scanners are controlled via wireless Internet to monitor electrical fields created by the pilot's brain.
Custom Remote Controls
Celadon, Inc.
RF Microwave Calibration
Accura Calibration
Custom Remote ControlsCeladon is an OEM manufacturer of custom remote control systems. We can design and manufacture a custom infrared or radio frequency remote control to meet your specific needs, using a custom tool or one of our 50 different standard enclosures.
RF Microwave CalibrationCalibration of power sensors, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, attenuators, S-parameter test set, distortion, and noise meters. 10% off your first batch of equipment. for a quote! Read more.
Wireless Modules and Solutions from Newark/element14
Newark / element14
Motor Protection Filters

MTE Corporation
Wireless Modules and Solutions from Newark/element14Wireless Modules and Solutions fromNewark/element14 — find Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, and more on Newark/element14's Wireless Applications site. Find the latest wireless components, modules, development boards, test equipment, as well as design resources and trainings — all designed to keep you connected to the latesttechnologies.
Motor Protection FiltersMTE Motor Protection Filters are designed to protect AC motors from the destructive affects of long cable runs between an inverter and motor.MTE Series A Sine Wave Filters eliminate motor audible noise and heat attributed to control by PWM inverter drives.
Telecommunications & Entertainment . . .
Learn More
White-space Wireless Spreads
White-space Wireless SpreadsWilmington, NC is one of the first cities in America to use a city-wide broadband technology that uses the frequencies of empty UHF TV channels. The same technology can connect rural homes to broadband. But, while being dubbed "Super Wi-Fi," the owners of the Wi-Fi trademark say calling it that is anything but super. However, a real Super Wi-Fi is expected soon: 802.11ac, or very high throughput (VHT). This will bring higher data rates and gadgets with true Super Wi-Fi are expected to debut this year.
App Ends Need for Hotel TV Remotes
App Ends Need for Hotel TV RemotesNo need to touch germ-laden hotel TV remotes anymore. A new, complimentary app turns your smartphone into a remote control. In addition to complimentary channels, pay-per-view, and on-demand options, the app provides local information about the city's restaurants and attractions. Directions around town are also available. To date, 2,000 hotels can accept the app.
Security & Wireless Networking . . .
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Securing the Cloud
Securing the CloudCorporations often fear that cloud-based applications lack data visibility and are concerned that there is an inability to track usage. A new security solution is expected to put those fears to rest as it allows enterprises to allow only authorized services and ensures that malicious content that could attack the network is not being downloaded. Communication between the company and the SaaS provider is monitored at the network's edge.
Say Goodbye to Cables
Say Goodbye to CablesMicrosoft is experimenting with the possibility that wireless technology could replace network cables. The research team is using high frequency radio band to transfer large volumes of data between servers; antennas on top of server racks send and receive the data. Traffic speed increased by 45%. But some question the performance, reliability, and security of a wireless data network.
450 MHz Ultra Wide Band Omni Directional Antenna
Comtelco Industries, Inc.
Easy-to-Use Trio Data Radios

Schneider Electric — Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions
450 MHz Ultra Wide Band Omni Directional AntennaPart number BS450XL3WB Ultra Wideband Omni Base Station, rated at 250 W and provides 3 dBd gain from 450 MHz to 512 MHz.

The radiating elements are constructed of copper alloy encased is an ultraviolet inhibited fiberglass radome. The antenna is designed to withstand winds in excess of 125 MPH. For more products, visit
Easy-to-Use Trio Data RadiosTrio licensed and license-free data radios offer versatile wireless field-networking solutions for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks. High performance is offered in each of a wide range of cost-effective product lines including serial and Ethernet frequency-hopping radios, simplex and half-duplex remotes, redundant base stations, and store-and-forward repeaters. Learn more...
KVT Split Cable Glands for Routing Pre-terminated Cables
icotek GmbH
High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor 10 to 50 KVDC

HV Components/CKE
KVT Split Cable Glands for Routing Pre-terminated CablesThe split cable KVT are suitable for routing terminated cables and cable harnesses. Our established product range was extended with the types KVT40 and KVT50. icotek supplies special locknuts for routing cables terminated with SUB-D, DVI, and PROFIBUS plugs.
High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor 10 to 50 KVDCThe capacitors are epoxy encapsulated in a compact size package. They have low dissipation factors and good temperature characteristic with low voltage coefficients. Applications include lasers, high voltage power supplies, surge suppression, and electrostatic applications such as painting.
Careers & Commentary . . .

Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Reader

ZBA, Inc.
Register Today! Register Today! GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities Engineering — April 11, 2012
GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities Engineering — April 11, 2012
Wireless Bluetooth Barcode ReaderFrom Bluetooth to Zigbee to RFID,ZBA delivers the wireless productsof choice to businesses worldwide. The ZBA ZB2852 Cordless Scanneroffers performance advantages in speed, depth-of-field, and reliability.
Register Today! GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities Engineering — April 11, 2012Join your peers and leading manufacturers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE conference and trade show — right from the convenience of your desktop. Participate in any or all of the educational sessions, network with peers, and meet with manufacturers eager to showcase their latest products, services, and new technology offerings. Learn more about the educational sessions offered to meet your information needs, and register today!
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