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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pumps Get Efficiency Boost via Design Innovations, and more..

Design Enhancements Improve Pump Sanitation and Cleanability
Design Enhancements Improve Pump Sanitation and Cleanability Numerous pump makers have introduced design enhancements aimed at accommodating the clean-in-place or sterilize-in-place (CIP/SIP) needs of food processors. Here we learn of several recent developments, including an inducer pump with a flat body profile that, when mounted with vertical ports, can completely drain in CIP applications. Also described is a positive-displacement pump with a split-style gearbox that provides easy access to bearings and shafts — no need to remove covers, clean rotors out-of-place, and reassemble. Notably, one line of pumps features uniform-thickness rubber stators to prevent gaps between rotor and stator, caused by temperature differences between the cleaning solution and the pump parts being cleaned.
See Video of Revolutionary Pulse-less
Flow Pump 

Wanner Engineering, Inc.
New Low Flow Industrial Motor Driven
Diaphragm Pumps 

Xylem Flow Control
See Video of Revolutionary Pulse-less Flow Pump Hydra-Cell's multiple diaphragm design from Wanner has revolutionized the metering pump industry by providing linear, "pulse-less" flow. The need for costly pulsation dampeners is eliminated while improving accuracy and reliability. Linear flow technology not only eliminates the costs associated with dampening, but also improves upon API 675 performance standards.
New Low Flow Industrial Motor Driven Diaphragm Pumps  Flojet's new LF Series Compact Pumps offer up to a 1.0 GPM (3.8 LPM) flow rate and optional industry leading switch technology, proven with over 1 million cycles.
These pumps are the ideal solution for many applications including spraying, fluid transfer, filtration, cooling, dispensing, and pressure boosting. Read more.
Brushless DC Magnetic-drive Fluid Recirculation Pumps
Gorman-Rupp Industries
Oilless Rocking Piston Vacuum Pumps and Compressors 
Gast Group
Brushless DC Magnetic-drive Fluid Recirculation PumpsDesigned for the recirculation and transfer of fluids, GRI's INTG2 brushless DC magnetic-drive recirculation pumpoperates on power supplies ranging from 9 to 27 volts and has a built-in speed control that gives OEMs the ability to change the pump's speed in order to meet specific pressure and flow requirements.
Oilless Rocking Piston Vacuum Pumps and Compressors The 82R DC series from Gast combines the best characteristics of piston and diaphragm air compressors into a small unit with exceptional performance. The flexibility of oilless Rocking Piston air compressors and vacuum pumps, available in standard, twin, and miniature styles, make them the perfect choice for hundreds of applications.
Guaranteed Performance . . .
High Efficiency Pumps
Gicon Pumps and Equipment
High Efficiency PumpsGicon Pumps & Equipment Engineered Products Division is a value-added pump specialty integrator of the highest quality pumps and related equipment. As a distributor of Goulds Pumps and Indar Motors, we can offer our customers the highest efficiency pumping systems on the market. Each and every pump that we build is tested in our state-of-the-art test lab, which guarantees performance and allows our customers to view the test live via the Internet.
Water & Wastewater Pumps . . .
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Webinars Offer Slurry Pump Expertise
Webinars Offer Slurry Pump ExpertiseJoin slurry pump expert Graeme Addie, of GIW Industries, as he shares his insights in a three-part Webinar series presented by the Hydraulic Institute. Session 1, on February 28, covers the basics. Session 2, on March 13, coverspump design and testing. Session 3 addresses pump wear and application. All three sessions run from 1:00-2:00 pm EST.
Hot Sellers: Nuclear Condensate Pumps
Hot Sellers: Nuclear Condensate PumpsBy 2020, some 164 new nuclear reactors are scheduled to come online, according to a new market-research report. All will require condensate and feed water pumps. Combined with the more than 150 reactors whose pumps will reach the end of their lifespans by 2020, the market for these pumps is looking up.
Industrial Pumps . . .
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Frac Pumps + LPG Technology a Win-Win
Frac Pumps + LPG Technology a Win-WinGasFrac Energy Services has signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement allowing it to deliver its proprietary LPG-stimulation services through a split-shaft turbine-powered frac pump.The pump can operate from a variety of fuels, including natural gas. Compared to using conventional diesel-powered pumps, the new arrangement promises to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.
Compact Pump Delivers Low Noise, Vibration
Compact Pump Delivers Low Noise, Vibration  Engineers charged with developing compact engine compartments will appreciate the capabilities of this space-conserving 20 cm3 direct-displacement control pump. The unit promises to find use in an array of machines, such as zero-turn lawn mowers, utility vehicles, and trenchers. Features include a valve-plate design said to minimize noise and a journal bearing in the trunnion to minimize vibration.
Emperor Pumps
General Pump
Virtual Pump Testing with PumpLinx
Simerics, Inc.
Emperor PumpsReduce your down time with the newEmperor line of pumps with HT technology. Proven performers from General Pump. The Emperor line features "High Tech" packing and "High Temp" valve design. These premium pumps can withstand temperatures up to 185 F and can run dry for several hours. Learn more.
Virtual Pump Testing with PumpLinxSimulate pumps, compressors, and valves with the accuracy of hardware testing using the CFD testbed, PumpLinx. Developed for the product engineer, PumpLinx goes from CAD to simulation in less than 20 minutes. Analyze pressure, flow dynamics, cavitation, and aeration. Reduce hardware testing. Improve performance, avoid cavitation, decrease noise. Call Simerics!
Pressure and Leak Testing: Production

Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.)
Oilfield Barrier-less Encoder — Hazardous Locales 
Dynapar Corp.
Pressure and Leak Testing: Production SolutionsAdvanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.) established in 1987, has grown into a leading company in the fields ofleak and flow instrumentation, testing, and services. Our modern, fully-equipped plant services diverse industries such as automotive, HVAC, fuel and oil, electronics and telecommunication, medical devices, pharmaceutical, packaging, and more.
Oilfield Barrier-less Encoder — Hazardous Locales Dynapar introduces the EN42 oilfield encoder suitable for use in Zone 1 hazardous locations. What makes the new incremental encoder unique is the ability to operate in hazardous areas without the need for intrinsic safety (I.S.) barriers. The EN42 incremental encoders is built to order and available for the general market.
Controls, Operation, Maintenance . . .
Learn More
How to Configure Pumps for Chiller Plants
How to Configure Pumps for Chiller PlantsIn this overview of the methods used to control chiller plants in commercial AC systems, we learn about the two most common variable-flow pumping configurations: parallel pumps and single pumps with standby. Discussion points include the "misconception that in a parallel pumping configuration, once the system flow drops below design flow rate, one pump must be de-energized."
Mounting Points Secure? Check!
Mounting Points Secure? Check!If your facility lacks a pump-maintenance checklist — and you would like to develop one — here's a step-by-step process for creating a regular maintenance schedule. Step 1: determine a maintenance frequency, based not only on manufacturers' guidelines but also on your overall production schedules. Other topics addressed include lockout/tagout, mechanical-inspection tasks, and lubrication.
Pump Applications . . .
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Minimizing Metering Pump Malfunctions
Minimizing Metering Pump MalfunctionsDescribing his concerns with inaccurate dosing, an engineer with Severn Trent Water in the UK comments that with metering pumps, lots of things may go wrong. The solution, he says, is peristaltic to reduce potential failures. The company recently replaced three conventional metering pumps with peristaltic pumps and has plans for at least another six upgrades.
Little Wind-powered Pump on the Prairie
Little Wind-powered Pump on the PrairieMass Megawatts Wind Power has delivered its first wind-powered water pump system to a company in Denver, CO. Farms and ranches are expected to use the pump for irrigation and to provide drinking water to livestock. The system's patented technology boosts wind velocity 50%, reportedly tripling energy production.
Autogas Pumps for LPG Fueling
Industrial Gas Technology, Inc.
3700 Armor-Flo Meter
ERDCO Engineering Corporation
Autogas Pumps for LPG FuelingIndustrial Gas Technology, Inc.packages Corken's "Autogas Series"Regenerative Turbine Coro-Flo® Pumps for high differential pressure applications using LPG and other liquefied gases.
3700 Armor-Flo MeterThis cover housing is an enclosure for metering equipment in hazardous areas. It contains an easy-to-read calibrated scale and the signal output or switch circuitry. These devices are magnetically coupled with the flow sensor. This results in complete isolation from the fluid stream. From ERDCO Engineering Corporation.
Register Today! Register Today! GlobalSpec's Medical Equipment Design — March 7, 2012
GlobalSpec's Medical Equipment Design — March 7, 2012
Register Today! GlobalSpec's Medical Equipment Design — March 7, 2012Join your peers and leading manufacturers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE conference and trade show — right from the convenience of your desktop. Participate in any or all of the educational sessions, network with peers, and meet with manufacturers eager to showcase their latest products, services, and new technology offerings. Learn more about the educational sessions offered to meet your information needs, and register today!

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Magnetic Soap Scrubs Oil Spills, and more...

Tears and Transistors Battle Bacteria
Tears and Transistors Battle BacteriaTears have long been an effective tool for fighting bacteria, but now there is video evidence of why. Researchers have attached proteins from teardrops called lysozymes to one of the world's smallest transistors, which in turn acts like a stethoscope to listen to and help visualize individual molecules. The results showed that the lysozymes actually have jaws that latch on and devour cell walls, destroying bacteria that are far larger than the protein itself. Scientists hope to use the same technology to detect cancer molecules in a similar manner.
Smarter Particle Sizing at Malvern Booth at Pittcon 2012
Malvern Instruments, Inc.
Ultra-low Temp Lab Freezers with 30% More Internal Capacity 
New Brunswick Scientific
Smarter Particle Sizing at Malvern Booth at Pittcon 2012Malvern Instruments focuses on 'smarter particle sizing' as theMastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer makes its Pittcon debut in 2012 (Booth #3641). This small footprint instrument delivers precise high-resolution wet and dry sample measurement from 10 nm to 3.5 mm, with rapid operator-independent measurement enabling increased lab productivity.
Ultra-low Temp Lab Freezers with 30% More Internal Capacity Vacuum insulation panel design with cooling technology provides the ultimate in space and power efficiency. Choose Innova-U360for tight spaces; the unique personal-sized Innova-U101 for on/under lab benches; Innova-U725 which holds 10,400 more samples than lab freezers of equal size or the hydrocarbon-based Innova-U725-G for European labs, providing energy-savings and lower gashouse emissions.
Take a Little, Get a Lot — with the LOVIS 2000 
Anton Paar
NI Low-cost Portable Data Logger
National Instruments
Take a Little, Get a Lot — with the LOVIS 2000 The new Lovis 2000microviscometer provides highly accurate viscosity determination from minimal sample, with results providing accuracy up to 0.5 % and repeatability up to 0.1 %. The microviscometer is available as a stand-alone viscometer or in combination with a DMA M density meter for simultaneous determination of several parameters.
NI Low-cost Portable Data LoggerNational Instruments portable data loggers provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for your basic data-logging applications. These data loggers easily take measurements with no programming required and display results on your PC. Affordable enough for student use, yet powerful enough for more sophisticated measurement applications. View products now.
Tubing & Hose . . .
Flexible Silicone Tubing and Hose
NewAge Industries, Inc. / AdvantaPure
Flexible Silicone Tubing and HoseSilicone tubing handles temperature variations from -100° F to 500° F (-73° C to 260°C). Available in medical, industrial, and NSF-listed grades. Nonreactive to body tissues and fluids. Peroxide or platinum-cured. Styles include unreinforced or braid-reinforced tubing and a heavy-duty, vacuum-rated reinforced hose. Made in USA from NewAge® Industries', a company with a 99.7% product quality rating.
Clinical & Research Labware . . .
Learn More
Protein Portrait in 3D
Protein Portrait in 3DScientists have developed 3D images of an individual protein using a device that costs nearly $1.5 million and operates at the frigid temperature of liquid nitrogen. The cryo-electron microscope is capable of obtaining protein imagery with enough clarity to determine the actual structure. This microscope uses a method called individual-particle electron tomography, or IPET, to eliminate the need for computer averaging used in current imaging techniques.

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Keep the Beat with Rap
Keep the Beat with Rap Here's a medical sensor powered by an abundant source of energy — rap music. The miniature sensor features a cantilever that vibrates when exposed to low frequency sound, meaning it can be influenced by rap's driving bass rhythm. The vibration-generated charge is stored in a capacitor to treat, for example, incontinence.

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Environmental Technology . . .
Learn More
Clean Up with Magnetic Soap
Clean Up with Magnetic Soap Oil spill cleanups may become much easier in the future thanks to magnetic soap. Scientists developed the product using iron rich salts (composed of chloride and bromide ions used in everyday products) dissolved in water. These salts respond to a magnetic field when placed in solution to simplify control and removal.
Computer Modeling Forecasts Solar Storms
Computer Modeling Forecasts Solar StormsA NASA space weather laboratory is implementing a computer modeling technique that has proven useful in hurricane prediction. Known as "ensemble forecasting," the model simultaneously calculates as many as 100 forecasts based on possible space weather conditions. This data should help scientists better analyze storm behavior over time.
Join Us at Pittcon
Analtech, Inc.
Customized Chemical Fume Hoods for Laboratories
Sentry Air Systems, Inc.
Join Us at PittconCelebrate Pi Day with us at Booth #3326 at Pittcon 2012 on March 14. Exciting Pi trivia contests and product giveaways! Lots of fun and excitement, so make sure you stop by our booth and enjoy some Pi with us.

Find out all about us...
Customized Chemical Fume Hoods for LaboratoriesSentry Air Systems offers complimentary consultation and engineering drawings for Customized Chemical Fume Hoods. These hoods help to provide operator respiratory protection from hazardous chemical compounds. Whether you have specific requests for size, chemical-resistant material, air volume, application-specific additions, or amendments; Sentry Air Systems will have a solution for you.
Testing Service for Powder Applications
Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Miniature Teflon Instrumentation Valves and Pinch Valves
Valcor Engineering Corporation
Testing Service for Powder ApplicationsBrookfield offers a testing service using Brookfield's Powder Flow Tester to provide samples of your product. Obtain a complete test report with data presented in graphical and tabular format for easy analysis and interpretation. Brookfield's PFTbrings quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment.
Miniature Teflon Instrumentation Valves and Pinch Valves"Good things come in small packages"— Valcor's Miniature Teflon Instrumentation Valves and Pinch Valves offer a compact package with the lowest power consumption in their class. With quick response time, low internal volume, and wide pressure range, these valves fit most applications... and budgets.
Test & Metrology . . .
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Small is Special for This Spectrometer
Small is Special for This Spectrometer Small in size but big in performance, theBioSpectrometer can be used for measurements in the UV and VIS range. Features include comprehensive scanning capabilities, a temperature-controlled cuvette shaft for enzyme study, simple data transfer, and preprogrammed methods for quick-start. No PC necessary.
For Critical HVAC Applications
For Critical HVAC ApplicationsThis wireless sensor system enables Web based monitoring of barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity. Programmable "end devices" mount to the lab wall; each device supports one or two sensors and connects to the Internet through a "coordinator." One coordinator can handle as many as 32 end devices, sending and receiving data in standard TCP/IP packets.
Health & Safety . . .
Learn More
Microreactors Ensure Macro-safety
Microreactors Ensure Macro-safetyNew micro-reactors my change how chemical reactions are designed in a large scale environment. The reactors break down large scale manufacturing by dividing the product intomicrochannels, several thousand of which can be assembled simultaneously. As this video demonstrates, large quantities can still be manufactured, but risks are confined within a tiny volume, providing a much higher level of safety.
Better Lab Safety Management
Better Lab Safety ManagementWorking in a laboratory means working with chemical and biological materials, not to mention potentially dangerous equipment. Are your lab safety schedules, inventory policies, and individual worker registrations enough to protect you and your staff? Perhaps your facility could use a lab safety research management system. Such systems are designed to manage the complexities of safety and compliance in an efficient, cost-effective manner. What could be better than asafety first approach that saves both time and money?
750 Series II
Myron L Company
RH CAL Portable Relative Humidity Calibrator
750 Series IIThe unique circuitry of the 750 Series IIConductivity Monitor/controllers fromMyron L Company guarantee accurate and reliable measurements. Drift-free performance is assured by "field proven" electronics, including automatic DC offset compensation, and highly accurate drive voltage.
RH CAL Portable Relative Humidity CalibratorRH CAL is a microprocessor based, programmable humidity calibration systemthat is at home in the metrology lab or out in the field performing on site NIST traceable humidity calibrations. The system offers the highest accuracy available for both relative humidity and ambient temperature.

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