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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pc Word Today in Tech

06.17.2013 11:40 AM
In 2012, Microsoft's Rick Rashid blew an Asian audience away with a live translation of his speech, into Mandarin. On Monday, Bing added some of that technology to Bing Voice Search.
06.18.2013 10:10 AM
In a bid to encourage educators to adopt its tablet, Microsoft will offer a $199 Surface RT special to K-12 schools.



06.17.2013 12:10 PM
Skype announced Monday that its video-messaging service, which allows users to send a video of three minutes or less to any of their Skype contacts, is now out of beta and free to all users.
06.17.2013 12:55 PM
South Carolina will investigate the possibility of using electronic license plates whose text could be altered remotely by the DMV. They also could be used to track your vehicle.
06.17.2013 1:40 PM
Many eyes in the tech world will fall on Oracle later this week, when the vendor's fourth-quarter results are set for release. This is typically the biggest reporting period for Oracle each year in terms of revenue, but a number of questions loom beyond its top-line performance.
06.17.2013 1:50 PM
Many attempts have been made over the last 46 years to rewrite Amdahl's law, a theory that focuses on performance relative to parallel and serial computing. One scientist hopes to prove that Amdahl's law can be surpassed, and that it doesn't apply in certain parallel computing models.
06.17.2013 2:05 PM
Digg Reader will hit the Web right before the unfortunate demise of Google Reader.
06.17.2013 2:15 PM
iTunes Radio, Apple's upcoming Pandora-like streaming service, looks promising. But for it to not be another Ping Apple needs to live up to expectations.
06.17.2013 2:56 PM
Samsung to give exclusive first-listen access of Jay-Z's new album to Galaxy users.
06.17.2013 3:08 PM
After the seminal track "Wish You Were Here" was streamed more than one million times in just four days, the full Pink Floyd discography is now available on Spotify.
06.17.2013 3:20 PM
Much of Rambus' past is associated with lawsuits, but the company is moving forward with dispute settlements.
06.17.2013 3:24 PM
If you used your Microsoft account to manage more than one linked email account, those days will soon be over.
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