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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Best Time for Eating Fruit

The Best Time for Eating Fruit
If you eat fruit or if you should wait after eating rice, then what will be the answer? The question always comes up, and the answer varies. Some say better eating rice first because otherwise it would stomach fullness. Some say it’s because the content of the same fruit as vegetable content.
Instead of still confused when to eat fruit, read the following advice given by experts.
Best Time: On An Empty Stomach
The best time to eat fruit just when the stomach is empty. Here, the fruit will be effective for body detox and all the nutrients contained in the fruit can be absorbed with maximum. Eating fruit in the morning for breakfast was also good for digestion, and besides fruit increases blood sugar levels slowly so the stomach feel full longer.
Good Time: The Time Before Exercising
Other recommended time is 1 hour before your workout. Fruit would be a good injection of nutrients and increases the body’s energy without making you feel stuffed or nausea.
Good Time: Before Or After Eating Lunch
Eating fruit is the recommended 1 hour before lunch or 2 hours after lunch. Why? in fact it is only make-believe that vitamin C, pectin and fiber completely absorbed by the body optimally. Eat fruit after lunch also helps you reduce the amount of cholesterol absorbed by the body.
Why Is Not Advisable To Eat Fruits Immediately After A Meal?
The reason one. After eating fructose absorption upper body will be slower, so if forced to eat the fruit then the stomach will feel fullness due to the release of acid in the stomach. It also triggered a person has diarrhea or abdominal pain.
Good Time: Each Season
Experts suggest that eating fruit when the fruit appears appropriate to the season. Generally arise when the right fruit is not the fruit season through genetic engineering, nutrition is safer and does not use chemicals or a fruiting force also preservatives.
This is why eating local fruits and also more healthy than eating imported fruit is recommended.
Well, let’s support the product in the country and more loving beloved land production.
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