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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Smash smartphone. Throw it in the ocean. Hope DriveSavers doesn't get it.

06.05.2013 3:07 AM
This really happened! How the biggest name in data recovery helps fight crime.
05.31.2013 3:30 AM
Still use Internet Explorer? There's no shame in that. But here are a few quick and easy steps you can take to stay safer as you browse.



05.30.2013 10:55 AM
Search giant puts heat on software industry to clean up its mistakes quickly--some within seven days.
06.05.2013 1:45 PM
The Digital Advertising Alliance, a coalition of online advertising networks and companies, will soon release guidelines for the use of targeted advertising on mobile devices, although it's been difficult to come up with standards in the diverse mobile marketplace, members of the DAA said.
05.31.2013 7:22 AM
Oracle plans to make changes to strengthen the security of Java, including fixing its certificate revocation checking feature, preventing unsigned applets from being executed by default and adding centralized management options with whitelisting capabilities for enterprise environments.
05.31.2013 9:58 AM
Asking customers or employees to pull out their phones and input a code every time they want to log onto your site is too much friction. Here's what else you can offer them while keeping your brand safe.
05.31.2013 12:00 PM
The foremost social site for professional networking Friday rolled out two-step verification to help users prevent hacking attempts.
05.31.2013 1:00 PM
The top-level domain name for the former Soviet Union becomes a magnet for denizens of online underworld.
05.31.2013 1:02 PM
Like BitTorrent with websites, Freenet lets you communicate and share data anonymously with other privacy-conscious folks around the world.
06.01.2013 7:59 AM
Oracle, which acquired Java with the purchase of Sun Microsystems in 2010, has been criticized for moving too slowly to stop Java exploits.
06.01.2013 10:11 AM
Several longstanding malware scams resurfaced recently, and Amazon and Ruby on Rails were targeted by Internet reprobates. Here's what to watch out for.
06.01.2013 12:16 PM
Twitter's long overdue rollout of two-factor authentication doesn't plug every angle of attack and won't guarantee that customer accounts aren't compromised in future, experts have warned.
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