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Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Change Time to Date Below Post Title in Blogger

how to change time in bloggerThe Blogger custom templates are designed by different designers from around the world. Many out of these templates are coded by professional designers and they are good from all prospective's  But indeed, there are also many poor coded templates are there. Unprofessional templates sometimes create troubles for newbies who want to easily customize their design with their own needs. So therefore, you must select a well-coded template for your blog. However, today I will let you know about changing your blog time which appears exactly after post titles in blogger. There should be date and author name instead of time alone. But in most blogger custom templates only time is published with author name. So we will change this respectively. 

before going straight to the tutorial please have a look at below image when the time after post titles in Blogger appears:
This appears because the designer has set the time with author name in their custom template. So it isn't good for SEO, we will have to change it to date. our blog's template devil's workshop had also time with author name, so we promptly changed that.

How to replace time to date in Blogger?

Now the process is quite simple and you just need to replace a single word with another one, follow given steps in order to do so: 
  1. Log-in to Blogger Dashboard
  2. Template >> HTML >> Proceed >> Check the Expand Widget Templates
  3. Now carefully search for this code
Just replace the above code with below one:
Save your template and you've changed time into date for all of your posts. Now your look after post title will be like below image:


It was just a simple Blogger trick to replace time with date. It is important for search engines to find pages with specific dates. So if a person is searching for cars or bikes in 2012 and Google shows him this stuff from 2003 then it wouldn't be a good business. Therefore, Google has recently stated that pages should be sorted with accurate dates. 

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I know you guys are now becoming genius on the internet and blogging, but remember always thank those who've helped you in bad times. Just share your comments with us below post.
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