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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan

Posted: 17 Oct 2012 03:01 PM PDT
As the title of this post is indicating the topic. People especially young generation in Pakistan is still unaware of Making Money Online. Though, this is becoming a very common controversial topic among IT related guys in Pakistan. But still is the most confused, unbelievable, unique and even horrible topic especially for the newbies. As internet users globally grow day by day and in Pakistan people and students are joining computer classes for last few years. A rapid growth was seen in the students of computer science in Pakistan in previous years. The reason is; students find it financially strong subject and has a number of related subjects in it. But still, many students including experienced computer and internet users are unaware of real methods about Making Money Online
In my opinion, The reason is: not regularly using internet or using it positively. Students mostly use internet for Yahoo chatting and Facebook friendships. They spend their very much time on such useless activities like chatting with Girls on Facebook and finding ways to inspire girls etc. And the adult use it for finding stuff that can't be mentioned here (Google Report Mentioned). 

Hey, here I'm talking about a majority of people not about all. Because, there are many genius guys who are pro-bloggers and making six figures monthly cash from the internet. And yeah, they are from Pakistan.

The weak English might be another reason for this. In Pakistan, a majority of students belong to middle class or even third class families; who can't afford studying in high English medium schools. The schools they are studying in; can not make their English stronger. A matriculation pass student in Pakistan can't write an article in English and if we compare India to Pakistan, the metric students can fully speak, read and write English with fluency in India. Therefore, India is much progressive than Pakistan in terms of Making Money Online on the internet.

Making Money Online in Pakistan (Resources)

When new people hear about Making Money online in Pakistan, they start asking from people about it and mostly they get affected by cheaters. But I'm shocked, why people themselves don't search about it on the internet (the reason is shared above why they aren't). I started making money online on the internet just two years back and so far I've found many ways/sources of online earning. But the question is: is Making Money Online possible in Pakistan? of course, indeed, it is 100% possible to earn money online in Pakistan. I am the one (Also there are many others) who has earned thousands of dollars from the internet. 

Ok, Now the real resources are following for earning money online in Pakistan:

In my opinion  if a person wants to earn money online in Pakistan, he/she must first learn proper usage of internet and English and then can try above methods. 

Out of above resources; Blogging is one of the most effective way to earn money online. By doing blogging you can monetize your content with Google Adsense which is a high paying PPC advertising network and working fine for Pakistan users. Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money with blogging, but with this you need to have a decent amount of traffic from countries like USA, UK and Canada etc. 

What you've to do in Blogging, just writing articles on topics you want to write on. The topics may either be  following:
cricket, showbiz, science, accounting, technology, blogging itself, making money online or any kind of topic you want to write on or like to write on. 

The resources shared above are consistent ways to earn money on the internet. Only the Data Entry work is not so good for everyone. But the other methods are great if one can have the ability to pass their first doors.

But remember; for consistently online livelihood the following habits are must: 
working hard, writing content, respecting others' property, learning new things every day and of course patience. 

My Final Words

This post was just written for saying to you that Making Money Online in Pakistan is 100% possible. And those who want to know about earning money online in Pakistan can get our Eid ul Adha package for grabbing all of our courses DVDs including 30+ ways of earning money online in Pakistan, with video tutorials in Urdu. Also, I will continue publishing content regarding earning money online in coming days.
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