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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring

Install and Configure DNS Active Directory

To install Active Directory and DNS using the Server Manager. Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson Select Server Manager. Or from the Quick Launch Taskbar. Select Roles. Then Add Roles. Before you continue verify that; You can … Continue reading 

Installing and Configuring DNS

Before installing DNS it is imperative that the server has a static IP address. DNS is installed using the Server Manager Utility. N.B. DNS is not available on Windows Server 2008 Web Edition or machines running Windows XP or Vista. …Continue reading 

DNS Servers and Zones

Primary DNS Servers A DNS Server contains zone files. If a DNS Server is authoritative over a zone file, it has full control over it. A Primary DNS Server can update, make additions to, modify and delete records in the … Continue reading 

DNS Overview

WINS worked well for internal networks as all machines are part of the same organisation. However, with the advent of the Internet where there are many networks connected, a method of structuring names became essential. A flat database, such as … Continue reading 

Introduction to Name Resolution

Name resolution is a method of reconciling an IP address to a user friendly computer name. Originally networks used host files to resolve names to IP addresses. They came in the form of a text file that the computer accessed …Continue reading 

Troubleshooting Routing

There are several tools built into Windows Server 2003 to troubleshoot routing problems. The first of these tools is ping. Ping allows you to check the connectivity of a remote host by sending four packets of data to the remote …Continue reading 

Installing and Configuring RIP

Installation and maintenance of RIP is performed through the Routing and Remote Access MMC Snap-In: Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson Right click on General and Click New Routing Protocol…. Select RIP Version 2 for Internet Protocol … Continue reading 

Dynamic Routing

Where there are only a few networks and routers, it is easy to enter a few static routes. However, if a larger number of routes are required, manual entry can become quite time consuming. Dynamic routing, on the other hand, …Continue reading 

Routing Overview

IP routing at its most basic level allows a network packet to travel from its source address to its destination address. In a basic LAN there is normally only one network and traffic can be sent directly to the machine … Continue reading


This quiz covers the the training module “TCP/IP”. This module contains six lessons. Here is a summary of the previous lessons. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Binary Numbers The IP Address Configuring TCP/IP Internet Connection Firewall Troubleshooting TCP/IP TCP/IP Quiz … Continue reading 
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