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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring

Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring

Encrypting and Sharing Encrypted Files

Right click the file or folder to be encrypted. Select Properties. Select Advanced. Select Encrypt contents to secure data. Click OK. Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson The file is now encrypted, note the green lettering; this … Continue reading 

Network Monitor 2008

Troubleshooting complex problems requires gaining insight into the inner workings of an application. When you are troubleshooting network problems, one of the best ways to gain insight is to capture and analyze the network communications using a protocol analyzer. Microsoft … Continue reading 

Monitoring Performance and Reliability

Performance and reliability monitoring is useful in several scenarios: Improving the performance of servers by identifying the performance bottleneck and then upgrading the bottlenecked resource. Identifying the source of critical performance problems that make services unusable or completely unavailable. Correlating … Continue reading

Creating an Event Subscription

Expand Event Viewer. right click Subscriptions. Select Create Subscription. Enter Subscription Name. Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson You can create two types of subscriptions: Collector initiated – The collecting computer co ntacts the source computers to … Continue reading 

Monitoring Event Logs

Windows has always stored a great deal of important information in the event logs. Unfortunately, with versions of Windows released prior to Windows Vista, that information could be very hard to access. Event logs were always stored on the local … Continue reading 


You can view detailed information about updates, computers, and synchronization using the Reports node in the Update Services console. Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson Update Status Summary this report displays detailed information about every update that … Continue reading 

Configure Client-side Targeting

You use Group Policy objects (GPOs) to add computers to computer groups when you enable client-side targeting. First, configure the WSUS server for client-side targeting. Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson Select Options and then Computers. Select … Continue reading 

Install and Configure WSUS

Right click Roles. Then select Add Roles. Click Next. Select Windows Server Update Services. Select Add Required Role Services. Click Next. Click Next. Select any further IIS components. Click Next. Click Next. Click Install. The Server must be connected to … Continue reading 

Logging for Windows Firewall

If you are ever unsure about whether Windows Firewall is blocking or allowing traffic, you should enable logging, re-create the problem you’re having, and then examine the log files. Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson Right click … Continue reading 

Creating an Outbound Filter

By default, Windows Firewall allows all outbound traffic. Allowing outbound traffic is far less risky than allowing inbound traffic. However, outbound traffic still carries some risk: Use the buttons below to navigate through the lesson If malware infects a computer, … Continue reading 
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