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Friday, December 28, 2012

Article Templates

Article Templates #3
Hello Training Series Member,

Here is the next edition of the Article Writing: Content Sources and Article Templates Training Series.

Principles of X Articles: There may be no "right" way to do this template as many choose to use identifiers other than "principles" (E.g., secrets, thoughts, ideas, qualities, etc.), but they all usually give a numbered list with sub-headings that make it easy for the eye to see and read the "principles" outlined.
  • Title: Make sure your article title lets your reader know they will be learning the "principles" of something.
  • Opening Paragraph: Explain why your "principles" are important to the reader along with any social proof claims that can support your statements.
  • Create "Principle" Sub-headings: Describe your top "principles" along with why each one is important.
  • Closing Paragraph/Conclusion: Offer suggestions on how to apply the outlined "principles" or a helpful tip to help the reader overcome any objections they might have to understanding or applying one of your "principles" to their life or business.
  • Resource Box.
For more information on the Principles of X Article Template, visit the EzineArticles Blog:

Checklist Articles: Your target reader loves checklists because they distill the essence of what someone else (you, the expert) have painstakingly identified as being important for a particular problem.
  • Title: Your checklist article title should include keywords relating to the type of checklist you are creating plus the word "checklist".
  • Opening Paragraph: Introduce your reader to the topic and explain why the checklist exists.
  • Create Checklist.
  • Closing Paragraph/Conclusion: Encourage the reader to pay close attention to the benefits of the checklist.
  • Resource Box.
Tip: Make sure your checklist is actually a checklist. I.e., don't ramble on without using brackets [], bullet points and/or a numbered list. Your checklist should be fast and easy to read while delivering on the promise of a checklist from your article title.

Example Article: Home Buying Checklist

The next edition of the Article Writing: Content Sources and Article Templates Training Series offers you article templates for Survey Results and Golden Rules of "X" article concepts. 
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