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Friday, December 21, 2012

Best of PCWorld

12.17.2012 8:21 AM
We've seen the future, and the future isn't boring clamshell laptops. Windows 8 is forcing PC makers to make refreshing changes to the old laptop paradigm.
12.18.2012 3:30 AM
Intel's "Next Unit of Computing" platform provides everything you need for a competent entertainment PC in an extremely small package.

12.19.2012 4:00 AM
From extreme dubstep opuses built from 35,000-plus lights to an interactive electric maze game to an eye-popping, solar-powered display (for charity no less!), these are the best holiday light displays of 2012.
12.20.2012 3:30 AM
Instagram bungled its sharing policy, Nokia fumbled with a fake camera demo, and 18 other companies launched gloriously inept flops.
12.19.2012 3:00 AM
Apple continues to dominate the world of laptops. When we surveyed our readers, they gave the company the highest scores in almost all of our satisfaction measurements.
12.18.2012 1:48 PM
The World Wide Web Consortium has a roster of proposed enhancements, including better forms, spell checking, and video captioning.
12.14.2012 2:36 PM
Amazon Web Services is expanding features for customers to track their usage of AWS public cloud resources.
12.16.2012 8:50 AM
Your past microblogging gems gift wrapped in new feature apparently being rolled out.
12.18.2012 1:15 PM
Samsung is set to become the biggest cell phone maker in the world this year eclipsing Nokia, which has held the title for 14 straight years.
12.17.2012 8:17 AM
Facebook is apparently working on a messaging app that will allow users to send each other self-destructing messages and photos. The app could expand Facebook's growing portfolio of mobile apps within weeks.
12.18.2012 7:21 AM
This mashup is not the best of both worlds
12.20.2012 3:30 AM
Forget about caroling, board games, and awkward conversations with relatives who might as well be from another planet. These 9 multiplayer games are so addictive, you might even invite your family to join in.
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