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Friday, December 21, 2012

TechHive App Guide

iOS Apps
12.20.2012 4:30 AM
The much-awaited Google Maps for iPhone will please many users who are disappointed with iOS 6's Maps and may even win some converts. Most of all, though, it steps up the mapping competition.
12.18.2012 3:36 PM
Instagram has updated its terms of service, and many Instagram users are not happy about what they've read. If you'd like to jump off the Instagram bandwagon, check out these photo-sharing alternatives.

12.21.2012 5:00 AM
This Is Not An App comes from author and illustrator Keri Smith. And if you don't find it too precious, you may well enjoy it.
Android Apps
12.20.2012 1:15 PM
Although Flipboard arrived on Android in June, the app didn't really take advantage of larger screens. Now, the new tablet-optimized version shows more tiles on the home screen, and more stories on each section page.
12.19.2012 5:45 AM
Instagram users are upset with the photo-sharing service's terms of service. But those terms really haven't changed from what they were before. And Lauren Crabbe argues that there's more objectionable things about Instagram.
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