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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IASeminars Upcoming Training

IFRS Region Guide
•  IFRS Courses in the USA
•  IFRS Courses in Canada
•  IFRS Courses in Europe
•  IFRS Courses in Africa
•  IFRS Courses in the Middle East
•  IFRS Courses in Asia Pacific
•  IFRS Courses in Latin America
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Essential Updates
Click on links for venue/date listings:
•  IFRS Update (2 days)
•  US GAAP Update (2 days)
•  IPSAS Update (2 days)

New York City: Conference and Workshops
International Financial Reporting Conference
January 8-10
Speakers include IASB Chairman, FASB Chairman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, Xerox, IBM, PCAOB etc.
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New Seminars launched
We are introducing new ranges of seminars, including:
•  Financial Analysis & Valuation
•  Capital Markets, Governance & 
Please pass this Newsletter to your colleagues interested in these areas.
Course descriptions are being developed and events will be scheduled in the coming months.
Until then, register your interestwith our Customer Services Team, who will keep you informed.

Customer Experience
IASeminars new website is coming soon!
In response to feedback, we hope you will find an improved customer experience, including better search functions and streamlined online registration.
You can contact us in all the usual ways, plus an additional option to register your interest, so you can be kept informed of all dates, venues, etc for any courses.

Contact us
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 333 344 3321
United States
Phone: +1 888-430-4377
Phone: +1 647-724-4213
What’s your specialty?
Over the past 10 years, IASeminars has developed a wide range of courses. What is unique about IASeminars is the range of specialist seminars.
Whether it’s a particular topic you want, or a focus on your industry, take a look at IASeminars course list and you will find something of interest. Courses can be delivered as public seminars, or customized for in-house sessions.
Tell us what is your specialty and we can discuss development of a course to suit your needs.
Read our feedback:
“The course content is excellent and very relevant to the Oil & Gas Industry. This training has added substantially to my existing knowledge.”
“It was particularly useful to have industry-specific content. This is a big advantage over other courses where much of the content is not directly relevant.”
“The course was made relevant to our company, highlighting all the IFRS implications that were key and needed to be addressed and understood.”

Upcoming Worldwide Events
Featured course:
IFRS Fundamentals
Course 1010 in Miami, (4 days)
Book Now
Here is a small selection of our worldwide program:
IFRS for the Minerals and Mining Sector
Course 1626 in Las Vegas, (3 days)
Book Now

Major IFRS and US GAAP Differences
Course 1025 in New York City, (2 days)
Book Now

NYSSA International Financial Reporting Conference
Course 0113NYC in New York City, (1 day)
Book Now

IFRS Basics
Course 1030e Online, (20 days, online)
Book Now

IFRS Fundamentals
Course 1010 in Dar es Salaam, (4 days)
Book Now

IFRS Fundamentals
Course 1010 in Dubai, (4 days)
Book Now

IFRS Basics
Course 1030 in London, (2 days)
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Financial Instruments Update
Course 1202 in Toronto, (1 day)
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IFRS Immersion Workshop
Course 1000 in Las Vegas, ( 8 days)
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